Erik's house
Is a rehearsal and pre-production studio in Amsterdam

+31 (0)6 247 35 506

NDSM-plein 82D
1033WB Amsterdam

all photos by Theo Warnier

Due to my move, I only have 1 workspace available at the moment. Its really nice.

Check The new space for plans and updates about my new location.

Two independent workspaces for audio (pre-)production. The equipment is basic and suitable for anyone who is writing, recording, producing or mixing his or her own music or working for a client.

Desk 1 is located in the rehearsal room and comes with all the gear you can find there. It works best for pre-production and writing. Working here with more than 2 people is seen as a rehearsal and costs a bit more.

interface: Mbox pro
monitors: Event 20/20

Desk 2 is acoustically sealed and treated. I/o is connected to the rehearsal room so it's possible to track audio there or you can use it as a standalone production space. The use of gear from the rehearsal room is possible when its not used by others or if the room is free. You can also book desk 2 and the rehearsal room together at reduced rates.

interface: digi003 with saffire PRO 40 via ADAT
monitors: Genelec 8040a